• After the launch of the European Business Roadmap for Just Transition at the SDG Summit 2022, CSR Europe’s PEOPLE Leaders Hub will release the Just Transition Toolbox in January 2023.
    • The toolbox offers practical support to make the Just Transition possible for every company everywhere.

    In January 2023, CSR Europe’s People Leaders Hub will release the Just Transition Toolkit to translate the European Business Roadmap for Just Transition into actionable steps. The toolkit will include a checklist, case studies, and downloadable exercises to support companies in:

    1. Revisiting purpose and narrative about Just Transition.
    2. Adopting a structured strategicapproach.
    3. Building strategy on solid foundations.
    4. Customising the approach for each stakeholder.

    As a result, you will able to incorporate Just Transition plans for workforce, suppliers, communities, and customers in your company’s core of business operations.

    The toolkit stems from CSR Europe’s corporate members and National Partner Organisations’ engagement with the European Commission to pull individual and collective Just Transition efforts in the same direction.

    In 2023, the People Leaders Hub will continue to work closely with the cabinet of European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit to:

    • Bring companies and relevant stakeholders together to achieve impact: a wider European Business Alliance for Just Transition is needed with the participation of the EU institutions and global initiatives.
    • Act local: identifying regions at risk and providing tailored answers is key to advance progress, and make sure that none will be left behind.


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