The HR changes required to face the Industry 4.0, are happening at an unprecedented pace and are increasingly complex to implement.  As people extend the length of their careers, employment patterns will continue to change as required skills and jobs evolve. Up-skilling and re-skilling programmes are critical. Consequently, there is a need to define the new models of education, employment and retirement.

On 19 September, CSR Europe will address these challenges at the first HR Leaders Roundtable discussion with a peer group of senior HR Executives from its membership. Together, they will share experiences and explore impactful, scalable solutions for the Future of Work. Participants will discuss the roles of business and governments in shaping and delivering new models of education, employment and retirement. They will also tackle how to develop trust with employees and society at large so that the work environment is positively affected. In this context, they will try to answer key questions, such as what is responsible for business leadership? What challenges does the business management have to face? Do we already have best practices that can be shared and scaled?

Back in April, at the High-level Conference “The Future of Work: Today. Tomorrow. For All”, the European Commission had shown its commitment to reforming systems for workforce skilling and theimportance of building an ecosystem that supports an inclusive labour market in Europe. In September, drawing on our relationship of trust with the European Commission, CSR Europe will provide the opportunity to explore and contextualise this important topic, and share different points of view. Building on the results of the discussion, a second session is scheduled for January 15th 2020, where participants will move into a co-creation mode and ideate innovative ways to address some of the challenges and opportunities arising from “The Future of Work”. The Action Plan will be presented instead at the fourth edition of the Brussels SDG Summit, in June 2020.


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Director of Business Transformation

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