“Hitachi’s mission, since it was founded more than a century ago, has been to develop superior technology for the benefit of society. As we enter 2021 and looking ahead to the coming decades, the challenge of climate change, coupled with global population growth – predicted rise by more than a quarter to 9.7bn people – looms large. As a world-leading mobility provider, with an objective to ‘power good’, these challenges give Hitachi Rail a clear focus.
Despite the impact of COVID-19, the evidence still suggests that an increasing majority of us will choose to live and work in cities in the longer-term. So for city authorities and urban transport providers, these global trends mean they will need new, improved transport networks, which are better integrated and digitally connected. They will also need to make their public transport networks far more environmentally friendly – by decarbonising existing services and introducing new green technology. And, this all has to happen within 20-30 years! Not a challenge for the faint of heart.
Fortunately, as a full service provider for mobility solutions and a pioneer of new technology, Hitachi is ideally placed to help lead this global transformation.
Making a difference to climate change isn’t easy, and it will take a huge collective effort from all of us, but it is challenge we must rise to. Hitachi is in the unique position of having technological leadership to innovate the whole systems experience and at the global scale to implement major change. This places a particular responsibility on us to tackle the problems of our time head-on – and inspire the next generation of mobility – for the benefit of the next generation.”

(from Andrew Barr’s ,Group CEO, cover letter)

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